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After significant customer engagements or important sales, I will interview your customer and your team including complementary partners.

Perspicacity: My ability to perceive and discern things that are difficult or obscure enables me to provide a clear vision, deep understanding, insight and recommendations.

Your customer will reveal more to me than they would to you.

Identify Improvement Opportunities
  - Processes
  - Attitudes and behaviors
  - Hiring/Training
  - Touch Points
  - Being easy to do business with
  - Products and Services
  - Channels
  - Complementary partnerships
  - Communications

Build Credibility
  - Success stories
  - Press releases

Understand Degree Of Customer Satisfaction
  - Logical next steps after the current transaction or completed engagement
  - Referrals/Introductions
  - Receive innovation ideas - products/services, processes, touch points

Discover Uncontrollable Business Risks
  - Competition
  - Technology
  - Economic [macro and micro]
  - Social
  - Regulation